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Hebei KA-Better is located in Hejian City, Cangzhou, Hebei province, the company has more than 200 people, covers an area of 30,000 square meters, is invested by Hebei Kangao, forging technology for the technical support of the manufacturing enterprise.



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Hebei KA-Better Electric Power Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturing enterprise invested by Hebei Kangao and supported by forging technology

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Decades of entrepreneurial and sustainable business experience and control ability to establish a stable, efficient, standard management system.


We strictly control the quality according to the international quality standards, and have the core...

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Has forged from 125 tons to 2500 tons of equipment 20 lines, more than 200 sets of automatic CNC equipment, raw material cutting automation line 20...

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Customers throughout the country, Europe, Southeast Asia, South America more than 50 countries, Hebei Kangbaxter is still based on good faith


Hebei KA-Better Electric Power Technology Co., LTD


The company has a perfect intelligent + manufacturing operation management system, quality management system; It has 20 lines of forging equipment from 125 tons to 2500 tons, more than 200 sets of automatic NUMERICAL control equipment, 20 automatic raw material cutting lines, 4 environment-friendly hot-dip galvanizing lines, 1 environment-friendly plastic-spraying electrophoresis line, 4 U-bolt production lines and 2 heat treatment lines, which can realize no outsourcing from mold design, raw materials into the factory to finished products. Can effectively grasp the quality of each production link, control the cost.


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Advantages of SF6 circuit breaker
Advantages of SF6 circuit breaker
1. Strong breaking capacity The SF6 circuit breaker completes the arc blowing by blowing out SF6 gas. Its arc blowing speed is fast, the arc time is short, and the breaking current is large, which is effective Protect the safety of medium and high voltage circuits. After the SF6 circuit breaker disconnects the capacitor or inductive current, there is no danger of reignition or re-ignition. 2. Long electrical life Sulfur hexafluoride circuit breakers have a long service life, a long maintenance cycle, and can adapt to frequent operations in a short period of time, with good safety and durability. Sulfur hexafluoride circuit breakers can be opened continuously for 19 times with a full capacity of 50kA, and the cumulative current of the opening has reached 4200kA. 3. High insulation level Sulfur hexafluoride circuit breakers use sulfur hexafluoride gas as the insulating medium. This gas has a very high insulation level. It can easily pass various insulation experiments under 0.3MPa pressure and has a large margin. 4. Good sealing performance Sulfur hexafluoride circuit breakers have simple structure and good airtightness. The interrupter, resistor, and pillar are separated into independent gas partitions, and the water content of sulfur hexafluoride itself is relatively low. The installation and maintenance of the SF6 circuit breaker are convenient, and the internal structure of the circuit breaker does not need to be opened, so that the internal structure of the SF6 circuit breaker can be kept well airtight.
Introduction to the production process of anti-corrosion power fittings
Introduction to the production process of anti-corrosion power fittings
Introduction to the production process of anti-corrosion power fittings   The problem to be solved is that the existing gold has effective resistance to acid and alkali corrosion. The manufacturing process of corrosion-resistant power accessories is as follows:    1. First, remove the dirt on the surface of the power accessories, and then apply a layer of paint evenly to increase the toughness and flexibility on the surface of the power accessories.    2. Apply a layer of epoxy resin on the joint, and place a layer of glass cloth before the epoxy layer hardens.   3. Cover the surface of the fittings covered with glass cloth with two layers of epoxy resin. After the two layers of epoxy resin are cured, apply three layers of epoxy resin, spread two layers of glass cloth, and then cure the three layers of epoxy resin. Next, apply four layers of epoxy on the two layers of glass cloth.    Continue to coat four epoxy layers with one or more epoxy layers. Continue to coat the second layer of epoxy with one or more layers of epoxy. The corrosion-resistant hardware consists of two layers: a flexible layer coated on top of the hardware, a layer of epoxy resin, a layer of glass cloth and a layer of epoxy resin. Coat three layers of epoxy resin on every two layers of epoxy resin, place two layers of glass cloth, and coat four layers of epoxy resin. Corrosion-resistant power accessories are manufactured in a new way and have the advantages of corrosion resistance, good insulation performance, good mechanical bearing capacity, and good flexibility.
Talking about the Digital Transformation in the Field of Power Equipment
Talking about the Digital Transformation in the Field of Power Equipment
Digital transformation is a strategic issue Digital transformation, transformation is the subject and digitalization is the attributive. In other words, transformation comes first, and digitalization is a tool of transformation. Therefore, we need to think about why and how to transform before we can think about the value and significance of digitalization. What is transformation? For most companies, transformation is strictly a strategic transformation. The definition Baidu knows is: "Enterprise transformation refers to the overall transformation of the company's long-term business direction, operating model, and corresponding organizational methods, and resource allocation methods. It is the way for companies to reshape their competitive advantages, enhance social value, and achieve a new corporate form. Process. At present, the transformation of most enterprises in my country is mainly the transformation of corporate strategy." Therefore, for power equipment companies, digital transformation is not just to use digital technology to enhance the technical added value of products, such as "first and second integration", but to achieve strategic business directions, operating models, organizational models, and resource allocation methods. change. As far as the power equipment manufacturer is concerned, it seems that it has not achieved the recombination of the above four elements. The essence of its business model is still the original "product-driven sales", and its products themselves have not achieved one or two integrations. It's a one-time-two-shot combination. Digital transformation is firstly driven by services The first step in digital transformation is to transform the overall driving force of the enterprise from product-driven, engineering-driven, to a customer value-oriented service-driven model. This kind of transformation looks simple, but in fact it is extremely difficult. If you are interested, you can refer to "Who Says Elephants Can’t Dance" written by former IBM President Gerstner. He led IBM from a product-driven company to a real " The service-driven business of “Information Technology Service” has been transforming for 10 years, which is not easy. So what is service-driven digital transformation? To make an inappropriate analogy, it is like a former mercury sphygmomanometer who developed a digital sphygmomanometer and then began to shout "Digital transformation of blood pressure management, this is the future of great health". This is far from enough. . The real service drive is to aim at the whole process of patient cardiovascular health management, through blood pressure monitoring, cardiovascular system diagnosis, drug treatment, exercise guidance, and continuous health status assessment, and continuous iteration of the PDCA cycle. In this process, the digital sphygmomanometer is of course very important, but it is only a digital input for assessing the health of the cardiovascular system. In this process, the establishment of cardiovascular health data models, evaluation models, and drug evaluation models, and the personalized modeling and continuous follow-up evaluation of each patient are the core of digitalization. A manufacturer that sells digital sphygmomanometers, if you say you want to do the above things, it is impossible, so you need to build a big and healthy digital industrial ecology, and the sphygmomanometer is precisely the link with the lowest strategic potential in the ecology. In fact, this is the concept of service-driven digital transformation. Digital transformation is mainly the transformation of strategic supporting elements If we construct a strategic analysis framework for power equipment manufacturers, from the perspectives of market space, market share changes, growth factors analysis, current core competitiveness, etc., the domestic power equipment field is actually a strategically less sexy market . As China's power demand enters a stage of low-to-medium-speed growth, the market's incremental space has narrowed, equipment production capacity has become apparently surplus, and competition has intensified. It is difficult for the current core competitiveness to support subsequent market changes. Digital transformation, future service industry chain integration opportunities Digitalization may bring a ten-fold increase in efficiency in certain fields, and may bring ten-fold growth in the service sector. The prerequisite for ten-fold growth is to open up links in the industry chain, especially upstream equipment and downstream services, which were previously in a relatively fragmented situation. There is no need to say more about the business on the grid side. Basically, if the equipment is bought by the grid company, there is no equipment dealer. The grid companies themselves are opening up the industrial links, which is the diversified and highly flexible grid of source, network, load and storage, as well as the connection of operation and d


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Now the company customers all over the country, Europe, Southeast Asia, South America more than 50 countries, Hebei Kangbaxter is still honesty, is committed to creating the best cost-effective products for customers, and customers to achieve a win-win situation.

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There are 20 lines of forging equipment from 125 tons to 2500 tons, more than 200 sets of automatic NUMERICAL control equipment, 20 automatic raw material cutting lines...





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